Among the many essential activities away from reputation about spouses are the grade of wudd

The fresh Prophet (tranquility and you may blessings be on your) said, “Marry the brand new loving/friendly, the baby-affect lady, to own I’ll outstrip one other nations along with your amounts for the your day from Judgment.” (Ahmad, Abu Dawud, while others and classified while the Sahih)

3- Child-Results

As we get in the above mentioned-said hadith, this new Prophet (peace and blessings getting upon him) recommended dudes so you’re able to get married women that is actually child-results.

This feature is related to some of the goals and purposes of relationships which were stated prior to instance procreating the Muslim Ummah, elevating an effective pious family members because the a cornerstone out-of area thereby ahead.

4- Virginity

“Get married virgins to own they have sweeter lips, more productive wombs, and they are pleased with little they rating.” (At-Tabarani and is Hasan)

Almost every other narrations mean that a virgin is much more probably be delighted by the a man and less apt to be devious and you will misleading.

Shortly after, when Jabir married an older and you may in past times partnered lady, the new Prophet (peace and you will blessings end up being upon him) said to him, “Why don’t you a great virgin? You can have used their own and you will she to you.”

Muslim students fret that an excellent trait relates to guy only since it pertains to lady. `Umar ibn Al-Khattab (may Allah appreciate your) immediately after heard of a lady who was simply hitched to an older guy and he said: “O people, worry Allah and you can let some one get married their versions.”

5- Beauty

That it trait keeps a certain role to experience because the among the fresh reason for marriage is to continue one another spouses out-of sins.

While this is something which positively grows over the years, 1st impressions is also oftentimes feel a barrier in order to an excellent winning marriage.

This new Prophet (serenity and you may blessings become up on him) ous matter-of Khul and her stated cause try he are extremely displeasing to their.

There are numerous hadiths and therefore urge the mark lover to track down a glance at the most other in advance of carrying out the marriage.

Immediately after a companion told the latest Prophet (serenity and you will blessings getting abreast of your) which he would definitely marry. The latest Prophet (peace and blessings be upon your) expected in the event the he had seen their unique. If man responded within the bad, the guy (peace and you will blessings become gjГёr Peruansk kvinner med amerikanske menn through to your) said, “Wade and look at her for it is far more probably breed love between them of you.” (Ahmad while some and it is Sahih)

“The latest woman should select a person who’s religious, of great character, substantial and of good riches. She must not get married an enthusiastic evildoer. A person must not get married his young child to help you a vintage otherwise an unattractive guy, but the guy is always to marry their own to 1 equivalent.”

Charm has its own role, however, understand that it is way down into priority record not as much as piety, character and you will religion. Whenever a guy puts beauty most importantly of all, the effects is devastating.

Elaborating on what you will need to look out for in someone, the new late Sheikh Sayyed Post-Darsh, the newest later Chairman of the British Shari`ah Council, adds:

The age difference between possible lovers shouldn’t be also great. It is not reasonable supply an early girl to an effective man who’s twenty or 30 years her older.

A grey-haired people immediately after passed by an early on black-haired girl and he proposed to their. She checked-out him and you may told you, ‘I undertake, but there is however good snag.’ The guy enquired what it try, to which she answered, ‘I have particular grey tresses.’ The person passed away without a phrase. She titled away. ‘My sibling, glance at my personal hair!’ She got locks because the black colored due to the fact coal. The guy thought to their own, ‘Why do you declare that?’ She answered, ‘To inform you that individuals hate for the dudes their work not like in women.’